Cancelling a Lifetime Fitness membership

If (like everyone) you are trying to save money in these tough economic times, your gym membership may be the first thing on the chopping block. In our previous article “Be your own personal trainer (and save money!)” we gave you everything you needed to cancel your gym membership but still lose weight and be healthy.

Recently, I decided that I would cancel my gym membership with Lifetime Fitness. Lifetime Fitness is a great place to work out, they have pretty much everything you could ever want in terms of equipment, classes, personal training, and even nutritional counseling, my decision to cancel my Lifetime Fitness Membership was purely economical.

I called Lifetime Fitness to cancel my membership and they instructed me that I would have to come into the club in order to cancel my membership or I could send them a certified letter. Knowing that most people don’t have time ( or don’t want to be ridiculed for not being as healthy as the ‘sales guy’ is) to come to the gym just to cancel a membership Lifetime Fitness probably retains an additional 15% of its monthly accounts (and sending a certified letter is a pain, right?)

So I let the membership slide for two months, spending over $200 in the process (could’ve put this towards the precor treadmill I want!). One day, I was annoyed by the fact that the Lifetime Membership fee was the only thing on my credit card statement so I began doing some Google searches and low and behold I came across this wonderful service that lets you send certified letters right from their website. is a service that lets you send physical mail right from your web browser, all sorts of different mail is able to be sent including certified letters. So I was actually able to send my certified notice of cancellation to Lifetime Fitness using Click2Mail  It cost around $5, which for the amount of frustration it takes to get a parking space at my local Lifetime Fitness, was well worth it in my opinion.

Hopefully this will be useful for someone else looking to save a little time/money.


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2 thoughts on “Cancelling a Lifetime Fitness membership”

  1. you’re a life saver!!! I have been wanting to cancel my membership for a while now too, but the idea of going there in person is very annoying. Writing a letter and getting it certified is a bigger hassle. I will definitely use this service and cancel my membership today!

    Thank you so much…
    YOU ROCK!!!

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